What’s new in Google’s Android Studio 3.5 beta

Android Studio 3.5 beta features improvements to memory management and UI responsiveness

What’s new in Google’s Android Studio 3.5

Google has released a beta version of Android Studio 3.5, the next release of its IDE for Android mobile development. The new version features improvements to memory management and UI responsiveness.

Where to download Android Studio

You can download Android Studio from the Android Studio web page. 

Future version: What’s new in Android Studio 3.5

  • Polishing of day-to-day development workflows via Project Marble.
  • Better IDE memory management, in which the IDE, when running out of memory, will capture high-level statistics about the size of the memory heap and dominant objects in it. 
  • To combat user interface freezes, the IDE measures UI thread stops that last longer than a few seconds.
  • Lower UI latency, resulting in faster editing of data binding expressions in XML.
  • Continued improvements in build speed.
  • Lint speed improvements, by fixing several large memory leaks.
  • The IDE will check various directories that could be impacted by a slowdown of build speeds and installation times on Windows. This slowdown has been caused by anti-virus programs that included Android Studio build and installation directories as active scan targets. Users can be guided through an optimal setup.
  • An Apply Changes feature succeeds the Instant Run feature as a mechanism for quickly editing and seeing code changes without restarting an app.
  • CMake builds for C++ are now as much as 25 percent faster.
  • Multiple versions of the Android NDK native code toolset can be used side-by-side in build.gradle.file, for more-reproducible builds and mitigating incompatibilities between NDK versions and the Android Gradle plug-in.
  • App bundle feature support has been enhanced with the addition of conditional delivery features. Conditional delivery allows you to set device requirements for dynamic feature modules to be downloaded automatically during app install.

Where to download the Android Studio 3.5 beta

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