What’s new in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017

Version 15.8 brings Docker support and extended support for TypeScript, JavaScript, and C++; Version 15.9 beta extends UWP support

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Microsoft has released the production version of Visual Studio 2017 15.8, which offers a unified Docker container experience. It also has released the second beta of Visual Studio 15.9.

Where to download Visual Studio

You can download Visual Studio 15.8 from the Visual Studio website.

Future version: What’s coming in Visual Studio 15.9

Microsoft has released a second beta of Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.9, with improvements for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) development and C++ debugging.

For UWP, the Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK now is included as an optional component for the UWP workload; UWP developers can use this SDK to access the latest APIs for Windows 10. Also, developers can create MSIX packages either through the UWP packaging tool or via the Windows Application Packaging Project template.

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