Google’s new mechanism to embed web content in Android apps

The Trusted Web Activity capability, soon to be in beta, lets apps use web-based content in a chromeless window

Google’s new mechanism to embed web content in Android apps

Google’s new Trusted Web Activity capability will offer a way to integrate trusted web content into native Android apps. By launching a Trusted Web Activity, any Android app can directly include “app-like” content served from the app provider’s own site with the benefit of custom tabs but running full-screen, said Dion Almaer, developer relations lead at Google. The capability means up-to-date content, a small on-device footprint, and sharing across websites.

A preview of Trusted Web Activity support will be available soon in Chrome canary and developer channels.  Support also will be available in the Android support library, so other browsers can provide the capability as well.

Trusted Web Activity is similar to Chrome Custom Tabs, which offer greater control over a web experience and smooth out native-to-web transitions. While the Custom Tabs are intended for generic web content, Trusted Web Activities are meant for content related to a specific app. Thus, there is no need to show the browser toolbar.

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