What’s new in Kubernetes 1.17

Kubernetes 1.17 promotes volume snapshots to beta, moves more ‘in-tree’ storage plug-ins to the CSI infrastructure, and makes cloud provider labels GA

What’s new in Kubernetes
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The latest version of the Kubernetes container orchestration system, Kubernetes 1.17, introduces the following key new features and revisions: 

  • Volume snapshots, introduced in alpha in Kubernetes 1.12, are now promoted to beta. This feature allows a volume in a cluster to be snapshotted at a given moment in time. Snapshots can be used to provision a new volume with data from the snapshot, or to roll back an existing volume to an earlier snapshotted version. Volume snapshots make it possible to perform elaborate data-versioned or code-versioning operations inside a cluster that weren’t previously possible.
  • More of the “in-tree” (included by default) storage plug-ins are now being moved to the Container Storage Interface (CSI) infrastructure. This means less direct dependencies on those drivers for the core version of Kubernetes. However, a cluster has to be explicitly updated to support migrating the in-tree storage plug-ins, but a successful migration shouldn’t have any ill effects for a cluster.
  • The cloud provider labels feature, originally introduced in beta back in Kubernetes 1.2, is now generally available. Nodes and volumes are labeled based on the cloud provider where the Kubernetes cluster runs, as a way to describe to the rest of Kubernetes how those nodes and volumes should be handled (e.g., by the scheduler). If you are using the earlier beta versions of the labels yourself, you should upgrade them to their new counterparts to avoid problems.

Where to download Kubernetes

You can download the Kubernetes source code from the releases page of its official GitHub repository. Kubernetes is also available by way of the upgrade process provided by the numerous vendors that supply Kubernetes distributions.

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.16

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