What’s new for 2019 in the React JavaScript UI library

The Version 16.7 alpha release of Facebook’s React JavaScript UI library brings the notion of hooks

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Facebook has revealed what developers can expect in 2019 from upcoming releases of the popular React JavaScript library for building UIs, after the upcoming React 16.7 release.

Future version: New features planned for React 16.8

Due by July 2019, the React 16.8 release is planned to offer Concurrent Mode, to improve the responsiveness of apps by rendering component trees without blocking the main thread. This opt-in capability lets React interrupt a long-running render to handle a high-priority event. Also, Concurrent Mode should improve the user experience of the Suspense capability for rendering by skipping unneeded loading states on fast connections. Facebook has previously referred to Concurrent Mode previously as Async mode.

Future version: New features planned for React 16.9

Due in summer 2019, React 16.9 adds the Suspense capability for data fetching. Libraries for data fetching, such as Apollo or Relay, will be able to integrate with Suspense. Facebook eventually wants most data fetching to occur through Suspense, but integrations will take time.

Future versions: New features planned after React 16.9

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