Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This year’s winning EA initiatives, brought to you by Forrester and InfoWorld, drive the customer-obsessed digital business

The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Any enterprise architects worth their salt can tell you how strategic enterprise architecture (EA) is, but the fact is that most EA programs struggle. The problem? Getting the enterprise to act strategically in the face of the need for immediate results in firms moving at a breakneck pace.

It takes leadership and single-mindedness to attain the customer-obsessed business model: being customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. The winners of the 2017 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards did just that; they exemplify how to achieve meaningful business impact while pursuing the EA agenda.

Our winners this year each has a compelling story of EA best practices, as described on the following pages.

How do we pick the winners? Forrester’s EA analysts performed the first round of vetting, and then 2016’s Enterprise Architecture Award winners acted as final judges and voted for the teams they believed had the most impact on moving their businesses forward. Note that the judges did not know which companies they were judging; that information was removed from the entries they reviewed.

The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Award winners, in alphabetical order, are the EA teams at:

Congratulations to all the winners! You can read their stories on the following pages.

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