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What’s new in Apple’s Swift 4.2 language

The programming language for MacOS and iOS apps offers an improved package manager, new source-code compatibility option, and many language improvements

Ahead of the planned 2019 release of Swift 5, Apple has released the intermediate Swift 4.2 version.

Current version: What’s new in Apple’s Swift 4.2

Version 4.2 of Apple’s Swift programming language brings the language closer to a stabilized application binary interface (ABI) and enables binary compatibility for future releases. ABI stability enables binary compatibility between libraries and applications compiled with different versions of the language.

Although Apple’s goal is stability, Swift 4.2 is not binary-compatible with previous releases. Source compatibility, however, is provided. Most source code built with the Swift 4.0 compiler should compile with both the Swift 4.2 and Swift 4.1 compilers.

Other new features in Swift 4.2 are:

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