How Python makes programming simple

Perfect for IT, Python simplifies many kinds of work, from system automation to working in cutting-edge fields like machine learning

Python: Programming made simple

In IT, it’s hard to completely avoid writing programs, even if they’re just small ones. But not all IT folks also want to be developers, and the overhead involved in learning and getting proficient with a language can be huge. For many languages, it takes a lot of code—and a lot of time—to write code to do even simple things.

As the video above shows, Python was created to help out in just such cases. It makes programming work easy and fast, with English-like code that makes it both simple to write and simple to comprehend. Libraries provided with the language, and available separately, make it easy to accomplish things that would normally require a lot of manual work—managing VMs and containers, making APIs for web services, modifying network settings, and many other high-level jobs IT professionals have to deal with on a daily basis.

Python has also become a language of choice for simplifying complicated jobs in many other fields—for example, scientific and statistical work, as well as creating machine learning applications.

Because Python is easy and fast to write, that saves developer time, although this typically comes at the cost of execution time. The same programs in other languages—like C, C++, and Java—may take longer to put together, but they typically run many times faster than a Python app.

But Python can also run fast when it needs to, because many third-party libraries for Python are written in faster languages like C. All Python has to do is plug into such a library, and it can run at or close to the speed of those languages when performance matters.

Mastering new things in IT is always tricky, whether it’s containerization, devops, or extracting a little meaning from a lot of data. Python is designed to give you a leg up on getting all those things done, both now and into the future.

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