Web services in Java SE, Part 2: Creating SOAP web services

Learn how to create SOAP-based Web services

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Listing 8. A simplified client for accessing the UC Web service

import client.UC;
import client.UCImplService;

public class UCClient2
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
      UCImplService ucis = new UCImplService();
      UC uc = ucis.getUCImplPort();
      System.out.printf("DC to DF: 37 DC = %f DF%n", uc.c2F(37.0));
      System.out.printf("CM to IN: 10 CM = %f IN%n", uc.cm2In(10));
      System.out.printf("DF to DC: 212 DF = %f DC%n", uc.f2C(212.0));
      System.out.printf("IN to CM: 10 IN = %f CM%n", uc.in2Cm(10));

Compile Listing 8 and run the resulting application as you did with UCClient -- just make sure to replace each UCClient instance with UCClient2. You should observe the same output as shown earlier.


JAX-WS also supports RESTful Web services, which many developers find easier to work with than SOAP-based Web services. Part 3 of this series shows you how to build your own RESTful Web services in Java SE.

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