Architect has a better blueprint for AWS Lambda deployments

Project handles configuration and provisioning of Lambda functions and related AWS services with a plain-text manifest file

Architect has a better blueprint for AWS Lambda deployments

The JS Foundation is taking jurisdiction over Architect, an open source software project for provisioning and maintaining cloud infrastructure from a simple text file, with a focus on AWS Lambda and eventually other serverless computing implementations.

The Architect project proposes a file format referred to as .arc. It is intended to be a simpler way of setting up and maintaining Lambda cloud functions than deploying them manually or using infrastructure administration tools such as TerraForm. The .arc format is “easier to read and runs faster,” as well as being easier to author, said Brian LeRoux, CTO at Slack bot provider Small Wins, which developed Architect and is contributing it to the JS Foundation.

In addition to AWS Lambda, Architect currently supports the configuration and deployment of Amazon’s API Gateway, DynamoDB, and SNS (Simple Notification Service). AWS Lambda is perhaps the best-known example of serverless computing, with developers writing functions that respond to events and only paying when that code executes. Based on the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, Architect is intended to enable provisioning and deployment in seconds with no downtime.

Through the JS Foundation’s governance, Architect’s creators hope to entice more people to use Architect while enabling open development. They also want to extend support to other cloud efforts, such as Microsoft Azure Functions and IBM OpenWhisk. The roadmap also calls for improving Architect by speeding it up, having stronger validation rules, and generally making it more robust.

The JS Foundation oversees numerous projects in the JavaScript ecosystem including the jQuery library and the Dojo Toolkit.



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