It is Time to Reclaim Your Productivity

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By Bharath Vasudevan, Product Manager, HPE Software-defined and Cloud Group

One of the greatest threats to any business is a lack of productivity. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even with technology improvements, employees today are not necessarily more productive. IT teams in particular face technological issues that can actually hinder productivity. In fact, according to insight from Deloitte, "80% of time, energy, and budgets are consumed by the care and feeding of the IT stack."

As such, IT teams spend most of their time making sure their data centers don’t experience down time due to lost data or performance issues – a problem that can cost IT organizations up to $9,000 per minute of down time. This type of burden decreases employee productivity and leaves IT professionals with little time to innovate when they could be spending time adding true value to their organizations. Complicated IT systems can also wreak havoc on areas of the organization outside of the IT department.

For example, financial departments using dated IT systems are struggling more and more to complete quarter-end reports as the organization matures and the amount of data grows – but the technology systems are staying the same. Because it takes longer to generate a simple report, those employees are constantly trying to keep up rather than focusing on how to be more productive.

Luckily, new technologies exist that help mitigate challenges across organizations. Hyperconverged infrastructure, for example, simplifies the data center and reduces upfront capital and operational costs due to fewer systems, a smaller footprint, simplified management, and more efficient power and cooling. This not only benefits the IT team, but it also allows the entire organization to innovate and be more efficient and productive.

Hyperconverged products, such as HPE SimpliVity, offer IT teams the opportunity to reclaim their productivity and transform their function within the company. In fact, a survey conducted by IDC[1] found that customers of HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure experienced significant productivity benefits. The study found that HPE SimpliVity customers increased the time spent on innovation and new projects from just 16% to 29%– an 81% increase. And customers also were able to increase their budget for new projects and innovation from 43% to 57% – budget that was once spent on simply maintaining existing infrastructure. Productivity was further improved by reducing the time spent on backup operations by 44%.

When IT teams are more productive, the benefits trickle through the rest of the company making other employees more productive, too. And HPE hyperconvergence can help IT focus more on driving business value and spend less time dealing with downtime. The time is now to take back the productivity lost over the years and redeploy it on innovation.

To learn more about hyperconverged infrastructure, check out this free eBook: Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.

[1]IDC White Paper, HPE SimpliVity Drives Operational Efficiency and Customers are Benefitting, April 2016.


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