DevNet’s ‘Fast Lane Validated’ -- What Does It Mean, and How Does Your iOS App Get Validated with Cisco?

Major developments are happening within the Apple and Cisco partnership as discussed by Susie Wee, VP and CTO of Cisco Devnet in her blog posted on June 5. 

The partnership started with iOS 10 and included the higher-quality Wi-Fi connections and the ability to extend the prioritization of business-critical apps within enterprise networks.  With the release of iOS 11, announced on June 5, macOS apps can also take advantage of app prioritization on a Cisco Wi-Fi network!

So how does this relate to developers you may ask?

First of all, if you are still not aware of what Fast lane does, check out this demo to understand what higher-quality Wi-Fi connections mean in today’s video-savvy world.   Imagine having worked hard to develop an app that uses voice and video, but your network administrator isn’t aware that your app is business critical and thus bandwidth issues cause poor app performance.  Essentially, your app would be treated like any other streaming video or social media software, and with any congestion or bandwidth issues, the quality of your app is impacted!

All of this can be avoided if your app is Fast lane enabled with QoS tags that give your app “VIP” treatment on the network over other apps that might be causing congestion or bandwidth issues.  Third-party app developers have an opportunity to work with Cisco DevNet to learn more about QoS tagging their apps and giving them priority over enterprise infrastructure – all without the hassle and cost of purchasing expensive equipment for testing!  Cisco DevNet provides you with a test bed to test your apps on Cisco and Meraki infrastructure and assists with marketing your creation to other developers.

Cisco DevNet also offers a hands-on experience to show how easy and fast it is to integrate Cisco Spark directly into any app to enrich a user experience with instant calling features enabled with just a few lines of code!

To learn more about how to get started, iOS 10 app developers can click here and get more information regarding the Fast Lane Validation Program as well as the Cisco Spark SDK.

Ready to submit your app? Click here to submit your app, and a member of the DevNet team will reach out with answers to your questions and provide details needed for the testing validation process.  Once complete, a report is generated and sent to the app developer.  If the app is “Fast Lane Validated,” you then have an opportunity to enroll in Cisco’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) and can then obtain a “Cisco Compatible” logo, which can be used to market the iOS app and join other app developers to highlight your app on the DevNet Creations page.

If you want to get hands-on experience with the Quality of Service (QoS) tagging or Cisco Spark integration, you can visit the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US 2017.  We are offering our popular mini-hacks around these technologies and much more!