Tutorial: How to build microservices apps

The microservices approach to building applications might seem strange at first. But it has proven itself to be a better alternative to the old monolithic beasts

Tutorial: How to build microservices apps


If you’ve never used a microservices architecture before, it takes a different way of thinking. Many developers start application design by starting with the database layout. They create a whole slew of tables, including complicated join tables. Then they build application logic on top of the database. Finally, they put the user experience on top of the application logic. Like a three-layer cake, this approach to building applications can work well—at first.

The problem with this architecture is that as features are added to the application, new tables and join tables are added to the database. Then new functionality is grafted to existing code. Over time, this becomes a huge rat’s nest.

The easiest way to think about building a microservices-based application is to start with the front end and work backward. Turn traditional architectural practice on its head.

Building an example microservices app

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