JVM - Java Virtual Machine

Concurnas language taps JVM for high-performance apps

Python-like, Java-compatible language aims to ease development of concurrent, distributed, and parallel systems

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TypeScript 3.8 adds type-only imports and exports

Improving JavaScript import syntax, the next version of TypeScript will provide more fine-grained control over imports and elisions

on premises applications

Can you partition a database between public clouds and on-premises?

While the short answer is yes, the technology realities make some requirements too difficult or too costly


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Open source should learn from Linux, not MySQL

When a single vendor owns an open source project, expect the community to look for alternatives

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RStudio Conference 2020 videos you don’t want to miss

You can watch dozens of must-see RStudio Conference videos online. Don't know where to start? Let us help

Android 11

Android 11 developer preview stresses 5G, security

Preview of the next Android OS offers developers a first glimpse of new privacy and security features and 5G enhancements

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5 ways agile teams meet sprint commitments

Spikes, swarming, splits, and keeping some requests in the shallows can help agile teams stay on track

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

“Do More with R” video tutorials

Search for R video tutorials by task, topic, or package. Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes

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Alpine.js mixes Vue, React, and minimalism

New JavaScript framework lets developers keep their DOM and declaratively add behavior in markup

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

Add color to your ggplot2 text in R

See how to style the headlines and axis text in your ggplot graphs with the ggtext package for R


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How to use asyncio in Python

Take advantage of the high-level async functions in Python’s asyncio library to write more efficient Python applications

command line

Microsoft’s Scalar speeds up Git

Free open source app for Windows and macOS accelerates Git commands for large repositories

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Cloud computing is even greener than we thought

It turns out that cloud efficiencies go far beyond higher utilization and lower power consumption

Microsoft Surface Neo tablet  >  Windows devices

Developing for Windows 10X and the Surface Neo

The wraps are slowly coming off a new generation of Windows

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TypeScript vs. JavaScript: Understand the differences

TypeScript transpiles to JavaScript and enables the development of large-scale applications