Strategy first: How to do mobile dev right

Build platforms, back-end services, native vs. web—to launch the right mobile development strategy, you must make sense of several moving parts

Strategy first: How to do mobile dev right

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a company that was finally doing business on the web. Its developers were exhausted after spending years learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, and dealing with all the various browsers the company’s silly partners and customers wanted to use instead of the company’s Gold Standard, Internet Explorer 6.

You would think that everyone would have been grateful now that there was no need to install the company’s Windows NT application. But no! Not management, not employees, not partners, not even customers.

What did those silly people want? They wanted to do business from their phones!

It was time to bring back the consultants who had laid out the previous development strategies. Do you know what the consultants said? Fire all the web developers and hire a bunch of hip 20-somethings to build native iPhone apps.

The CFO thought that was a great idea: The web developers were getting enough seniority to be expensive. HR wasn’t so sure about the firing part: What about retraining? The CIO had heard millennials don’t like structured companies and don’t want to work hard, but want to do things that are socially relevant. Wouldn’t they be hard to manage?

In a quandary, my old friend the CTO called me and invited me out for sushi. Over the miso soup, he brought me up to speed on his situation and asked what I thought he should do.

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