How to work with AutoMapper in C#

Use AutoMapper to eliminate the need to write tedious boilerplate code when mapping objects in your application

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AutoMapper is a popular object-to-object mapping library that can be used to map objects belonging to dissimilar types. As an example, you might need to map the DTOs (Data Transfer Objects) in your application to the model objects. AutoMapper saves you the tedious effort of having to manually map one or more properties of such incompatible types.

To start working with AutoMapper, you should create a project in Visual Studio and then install AutoMapper. You can install AutoMapper from NuGet using the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console window:

PM> Install-Package AutoMapper

Create mappings using AutoMapper

An object-to-object mapper such as AutoMapper converts an input object of one type into an output object of another type. Consider the following two classes.

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