Backup software features that IT managers love and hate

Systems administrators in the IT Central Station community identify the best, and worst, features of backup software from HPE, Veeam and Altaro.

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With corporate data more important than ever, selecting the best data backup and recovery software for the organization would be a career-enhancing move. According to online reviews by enterprise users in the IT Central Station community, three of the top backup and recovery products on the market are Veeam Backup, HP Enterprise’s Data Protector, and Altaro VM Backup. What do enterprise users really think about these tools? Here, users give a shout-out for some of their favorite features, but also give the vendors a little tough love. 

Editor’s Note: These reviews of select backup and recovery tools come from the IT Central Station community. They are the opinions of the users and are based on their own experiences.

Veeam Backup

Valuable features

“One of the most important features of Veeam is the excellent self-restart feature. We use Veeam to provide remote backups for us as well as our customers. Many times, a communications glitch will occur that will disrupt the backup process during the offsite backup procedure. The product will automatically restart the process and continue self-monitoring and restarting until the backup is complete, and notify our support staff of its status.”
-- George B., president & CEO at a tech services company 
“Application data recovery works great in our environment, especially restoring Microsoft Exchange mailbox items. There are cases where emails or attachments [that are] more than 12 months old are needed by users.”
-- ITInfraEng436, IT infrastructure executive at an energy/utilities company 
“It's very simple to implement and very fast to learn. One backup can be done and many restorations are possible from that backup. The mature integrity within a virtualized environment has always been important.”
-- Heidar A., IT project manager at a tech company

Room for improvement

“Physical backup is always where there could be room for improvement, but Veeam has always stated they are not going in that direction. With Veeam Endpoint Backup, however, physical server backup is possible.”
-- Chris C., systems engineer at McMillan LLP 
“Determining the space for the WAN acceleration server sometimes is hard, especially if you have many source sites for the data. I would like to have a kind of storage space calculator that gives me an estimate for the size of the WAN accelerator server we are creating; give it a list of VMs to be backed up.”
-- Alberto Z., senior IT engineer at a tech services company 
“The software really needs to expand into physical machines backups. Endpoint Protection is a good start, but physical backups are the missing component to crush the competition.”
-- Chris M., architect at a tech services company 

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HPE Data Protector

Valuable features 

“The most valuable feature is the integration with Oracle, MSSQL, and Exchange. They are the easiest to work with. Unlike some other backup solutions, the configuration and restoration of the data is very easy. Just check it and you are done.”
-- Ailyn D., project manager at a tech services company 
“The granularity of brick-level restore functionality is very valuable. We receive approximately 10 restore requests on a daily basis for your typical file/folder restore, with the odd Exchange mailbox restore request thrown in, just to keep me on my toes.”
-- Darren O., systems engineer at a pharma/biotech company 
“We use this product for data deduplication. It also has the media library, so our disk-to-disk backup is also backed up to the tape. If there is data corruption in the disk-to-disk backup, we will have a copy on the tape. Other solutions do not have this feature. If data corruption happens without this feature, you will be in trouble.”
-- HeadOfSy6f42, head of systems and data services at a financial services firm

Room for improvement 

“The reporting capabilities of HPE Data Protector are very limited, and this is the main area I feel that HPE Data Protector needs to improve on. The standard report options available with the product are adequate for generic reporting.”
-- Darren O., systems engineer at a pharma/biotech company 
“In the next release, I would like to see deeper integration with VMware and HPE Recovery Manager Center (RMC). We don't have RMC, unfortunately, but we are planning on getting it.”
-- SystemAne574, distribution engineering specialist at an energy/utilities company 
“The license structure for advanced features, such as backing up to disk or compression, can make the license pretty costly.”
-- ITManagebe91, IT manager at a university 

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Altaro VM Backup 

Valuable features

“Generally, the entire program is brilliant… [especially] the Altaro offsite backup server.”
-- Dan P.H., support technician at a tech services company 
“Great backup features for all my Hyper-V machines.
  • Excellent for offsite backup as an add-on function
  • Easy restore for entire virtual machine files and sandbox option
  • Well-priced
  • Excellent support and team behind this product.”
-- Chaim Y.K., CEO at a tech services company

 Room for improvement 

“The only issue at the moment is a lack of throttling. Our backups tend to take most of the day, and while it handles Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) backups very well, you do notice a performance hit because it's using all reads on the disk or transferring at maximum bandwidth.”
-- Dan P.H., support technician at a tech services company 
“I want continuous Exchange backup, as this product allows you to revert the Exchange data to almost any custom point in time as it backs up Exchange servers as soon as the transactional logs are closed. However, I just add hourly backup to Altaro for Exchange servers.”
-- Chaim Y.K., CEO at a tech services company 

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