How to fix 5 Windows 10 headaches

Microsoft's Windows 10 OS is a lot better than its predecessor, but it still has some annoying quirks. We help you solve them

How to fix 5 Windows 10 headaches

Microsoft Windows 10 has gone a long way towards fixing the problems that were endemic with earlier versions of Windows -- notably Windows 8. But it's still far from a perfect operating system and has its share of headaches.

Looking through various user discussions (and tapping our own experiences) we've identified five problems that a lot of people are complaining about: forced Windows 10 updates; the Cortana digital assistant (which some users want to get rid of and can't); lost disk space; sluggish boot times; and problems with the Start menu.

But don't worry -- help is on the way. We've researched ways to take care of these issues (or at least make them a little less irritating). Here are some solutions that will make Windows 10 pleasanter to use.

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