Pivotal, Google team up for Kubernetes cloud management

Project Kubo provides release engineering for the container management platform

Pivotal, Google team up for Kubernetes cloud management

Pivotal and Google have launched Project Kubo to apply Pivotal's Bosh tool for deploying and managing cloud software to Google's Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

Currently in an alpha release stage, Kubo instantiates, deploys, and manages Kubernetes clusters on any cloud. Pivotal has been working on the project with members of the Google Cloud platform team.

Kubo can be used with existing production applications written in specific languages, and it can access platform primitives. Bosh, featured as part of Cloud Foundry, provides an open source tool chain for managing large-scale distributed services. It offers a combination of a virtual machine build tool, configuration and health management, and logging. Bosh has been used to build consistent, self-healing environments with zero downtime, Seroter said.

Kubo will enable operational efficiencies with joint Cloud Foundry and Kubo deployments. It depends on Cloud Foundry to provide routing to the Kubernetes cluster, documentation states. A specialized Bosh director manages VMs for the Kubo instance, which handles VM creation, health checking, and resurrection of missing or unhealthy VMs.

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