Why Hardware Matters in A Software-Defined World

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By Bharath Vasudevan, HPE Product Manager, Software-defined and Cloud Group

It’s no secret that the datacenter of the future is software-defined. It has to be in order have the flexibility, speed, efficiency, and lower TCO needed to be competitive. Defining resources like compute, storage, and networking through software, rather than directly in the hardware, enables far greater flexibility than is available in traditional hardware.

So, why does the hardware matter?

As more business-critical applications are moving to hyperconverged platforms, customers may at first think the hardware isn’t important. But what they really mean is, “I don’t care who makes the solution, as long as it works!” And that’s where deploying hardware from a verified, trusted solution provider makes all the difference.

Your hyperconverged hardware choice can have a significant impact on the performance of your applications, but (and maybe most importantly) it can impact your datacenter operations. The main reasons businesses move to a hyperconverged solutions is to simplify ops, add flexibility and agility, and move faster! If your whitebox hardware is creating bottlenecks, slowing down operations and creating more work for your IT, it’s not doing its job.

With purpose-built, hyperconverged solutions, the infrastructure is optimally engineered for the workload before it leaves the factory. This ensures efficient performance without requiring custom integration or tuning by your own technicians. And by defining the optimal mix of compute versus storage, using software rather than physical components, the configuration can be changed in the future as your business needs change.

Still need yet another reason that hardware matters? Think for a minute about going with a commodity, whitebox hardware solution and then the inevitable issue or problem arises. Who do you call for help? Ideally, it is a trusted hardware solution provider. But chances are, it’s not.

When businesses select hyperconvergence over other solutions, it’s for simplicity, speed and efficiency. They want a solution that lets them deploy infrastructure quickly and simply in an environment where everything works just the way they want it to. HPE has solid hyperconverged offerings with a path toward a composable infrastructure future – which provides investment protection on your infrastructure. And HPE has a strong reputation in the industry for excellent products, service, and relationships. HPE’s partnerships with industry leaders ensure you always get a solution that works now and continues to work in the future.

So, while at first you may think, in a software-defined world, the hardware doesn’t matter. But the truth is that hyperconverged solutions that pre-integrate services to ensure that they all work seamlessly together will deliver the speed, simplicity, and flexibility to your business that you turned to hyperconverged for in the first place. In short, when other vendors may claim hardware needs to be invisible…I say hardware is your foundation and your choice of hardware matters.

To learn more about driving simplicity and speed in your datacenter, download the e-book How Hyperconvergence Can Help IT.