Make Linux look like MacOS

Also in today’s open source roundup: Ubuntu 17.04 will ship with GNOME 3.24, and the top lightweight Linux distros for 2017

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Make Linux look like macOS

The ability to customize Linux and make it your own is one of the best things about running it on a computer. Yes, it’s even possible to make Linux take on the appearance of Apple’s iconic macOS if you want to do it.

Austin Long reports for MakeUseOf:

If you like Linux but enjoy the Mac aesthetic, you’re in luck! This article will guide you through the steps to make your Linux desktop behave and look like Apple’s macOS.

One of the great benefits of Linux is how you can shape it as you see fit. There are lots of different ways to customize your own desktop — you can even change how your icons look! Macintosh desktops have two defining features: the application dock and the menu bar. This guide will try and imitate them on Linux, along with other things.

Before anything else, if you want your desktop to look like a Mac’s, you’ll need to install the right themes. A Linux theme called macOS Sierra does exactly that. To download it, enter these lines into your terminal:

mkdir $HOME/.themes

cd $HOME/.themes



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Ubuntu 17.04 will ship with GNOME 3.24

In recent years Ubuntu has not been known as a GNOME-friendly distribution, but that will change when Ubuntu 17.04 is released later this year. Ubuntu 17.04 will ship with GNOME 3.24.

Joey Sneddon reports for OMG Ubuntu:

As GNOME 3.24 is due for release in March this will mark the first time in a long time that an Ubuntu release ships with the latest stable GNOME release.

Ubuntu 17.04 will, of course, still use the Unity desktop, but it will sit atop this newer GNOME stack.

Now, a few things to clarify here: not all GNOME 3.24 apps will be available.

The latest version of many core GNOME apps will be available, including GNOME Calendar (barring a pending update), Totem (aka Videos) and GNOME Disks. Others are on earlier versions because there is either no recent update available (e.g., GNOME Weather), or Ubuntu opts to include an older (patched) version (e.g., Nautilus).

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The news about Ubuntu 17.04 shipping with GNOME 3.24 sparked a long thread in the Linux subreddit and the folks there certainly weren't shy about sharing their opinions.

Top lightweight Linux distros for 2017

When it comes to Linux distributions, sometimes less is definitely more. This is particularly true if you are running older and less powerful hardware. Sometimes lightweight Linux distros can be a better bet than their more elaborate and hardware-hungry cousins.

A writer at Linux and Ubuntu has a helpful list of the top lightweight Linux distros to check out in 2017.

Mohd Sohail reports for Linux and Ubuntu:

Hey friends! Today I am going to discuss the top lightweight Linux distros you can try this year on your computer. Although you got yourself a pretty linux already but there is always something new to try in Linux.

Remember I recommend to try this distros in virtualbox firstly or with the live boot before messing with your system. All distro that I will mention here will be new and somewhat differ from regular distros.


OBRevenge OS


Linux Lite

Bodhi Linux


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