Skills certification coming for Node.js developers

The Node.js Foundation is creating a Certified Developer program to help companies and developers gauge Node and JavaScript abilities

The IT industry has long used professional certifications to verify proficiency in technologies from companies like Microsoft and Novell. Now, Node.js developers can have their skills certified with a program set up by the Node.js Foundation.

With the Node.js Certified Developer program, the Foundation is attempting to establish a baseline competency certification for the popular server-side JavaScript platform. Developers and other interested people will be able take a 32-question online exam starting in the second quarter of this year, said Tracy Hinds, education community manager for the Foundation.

Given the growth in Node usage, many companies and individual developers have been asking for such a certification to help them gauge competency. "There are a lot of people wanting to verify their knowledge of Node," Hinds said. The test would certify an applicant as an early intermediate Node developer, which means that "they're not going to know everything, but they can hit the ground running," according to Hinds.

Domains covered on the exam include buffers and streams, child processes, control flow, diagnostics, error-handling, events, style system, HTTPS, JavaScript and module systems, dealing with NPM and Yarn, Node CLI, package.json, process and operating systems, unit testing, and security. "Essentially, the entire exam is in some way testing your skills in JavaScript," Hinds said.

The exam, which features coding, is slated to be given for an as-yet-undetermined fee, although the foundation does plan for the exam to be low-cost. The Foundation is only offering the exam, not courses pertaining to Node, although there are already online courses available. Candidates would take the self-paced test online while under observation by a proctor via their computer's camera.

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