The best office apps for Android

Microsoft finally got serious about mobile, and Android office contenders have been forced to keep up

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Presentation editing

Google's Slides app has gotten surprisingly decent for basic on-the-go presentation work. The formerly bare-bones app now has a diverse range of polished-looking plug-and-play themes and templates for professional presentation creation. It supports speaker notes, as well as image, shape, and text insertion and formatting.

Android Office: Google Presentation InfoWorld

Google Slides presentation editing on Android smartphone (left) and tablet (right)

Slides lacks some more advanced presentation elements like transitions, and its editing capabilities are generally more limited than what other apps provide. But sticking with Google's strengths, it is superb for collaboration and has excellent built-in tools for modern forms of presentation.

When you start a presentation, for instance, you can opt to play it locally or to cast it wirelessly to any Chromecast or Google Cast-compatible device. You can also choose to launch the presentation directly into a new video call or meeting in Hangouts.

Slides has a clever system for audience interaction, too: Its optional Q&A feature puts a public web link at the top of your presentation. Anyone watching can then pull up that link to ask or vote on questions, which then appear on your device for you to address.

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