The best office apps for Android

Microsoft finally got serious about mobile, and Android office contenders have been forced to keep up

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Spreadsheet editing

Sheets, following Docs' lead, is fine for basic functionality but more limited when it comes to advanced elements.

To its credit, Sheets has become quite a bit better since our last analysis. The app now handles tasks like basic chart creation and cell freezing -- items that were M.I.A. not long ago -- along with core commands like cell merging, data validation, and all the usual mathematical functions.

Android Office: Google Sheets InfoWorld

Google Sheets spreadsheet editing on Android smartphone (left) and tablet (right)

In a nice added touch, Sheets now automatically puts a list of common calculations at the bottom of the screen anytime you select a group of cells with numbers -- giving you a handy instant view of the figures' sum, average, and so on.

For some users, all of that may be enough -- especially when you consider the convenience of Sheets' cloud-centric approach and how effortless that makes it to move between multiple platforms and devices. Like Docs, Sheets is excellent when it comes to real-time collaboration.

But for folks who need next-level spreadsheet tools -- advanced cell styling, sorting, the ability to insert images, or the ability to create a wider range of charts from your data -- Sheets still comes up short. I also encountered instances where the app was unable to open certain XLS files, saying it did not support the format (despite the fact that the app did open other XLS files without issue). Those files included autogenerated company reports that had been sent to me within the past few months -- so knowing Sheets can't handle them is a bit of a problem.

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