Every Company Must Behave Like a Software Company — Including Yours

Originally posted on the Puppet blog, and republished here with Puppet's permission.

In technology, we get used to the idea that change is coming at us all the time, faster and faster. Or at least, we should get used to that idea, and even more important, we should prepare ourselves, our teams and our entire organizations for that rapid pace of change.

That's why we created The CIO's Guide to DevOps: to help executives responsible for IT navigate the recent wave of change, dubbed digital transformation. Now that digital technology drives everything, every company, nonprofit, university and government agency that wants to stay relevant must become really good at developing and delivering software quickly, with great agility. That need is what's driving adoption of DevOps principles and practices.

Puppet’s customers, and the people we talk with as we travel around to IT industry events all over the world, are plenty interested in DevOps. But they aren't sure how to adopt DevOps practices and nurture a DevOps culture in their organization. And every organization is different.

We've distilled what we've learned about patterns of successful DevOps adoption from our customers, community, and 25,000 DevOps survey respondents into our new guide for CIOs. In this guide, you'll find detailed information about:

The core practices of DevOps:

  • Version control and peer review of code

  • Configuration management

  • Continuous integration

  • Monitoring

  • Automated testing and deployment

The stages you need to go through to establish DevOps practices, with practical tips on how to accomplish each one:

  • Discovery of the current state of IT

  • Standardization of tools and processes

  • Continuous iteration and improvement, including choosing the metrics that are right for your organization

  • Implementing business strategy through technical innovation

  • Choosing the tools and processes that will help you align IT with your organizational goals

We invite you to download your own copy of The CIO's Guide to DevOps, and explore additional DevOps white papers and ebooks in the Puppet resource library.


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