AWS Lambda adds C# support

Functions for the cloud-based compute service now can be built using Microsoft’s managed code language

AWS Lambda adds C# support
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AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services' event-driven compute service in the cloud, is adding support for Microsoft's C# language.

Using the .Net Core 1.0 runtime, developers can build AWS Lambda functions using C#. "The easiest way to get started is with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, which includes project templates for individual C# Lambda functions, full C# serverless applications, and also tools to publish both projects types to AWS," Amazon said in a bulletin on Thursday morning.

AWS Lambda has enabled coding without provisioning of servers, with users paying just for the compute time they use. The service previously has supported development of Lambda functions in Java, Node.js, and Python.

Manually building a C# Lambda function involves specifying the Lambda runtime parameter as "netcore1.0" and uploading the the ZIP for NuGet dependencies and DLL assemblies through the AWS CLI or AWS Lambda console. Or, developers can use AWS CloudFormation through the AWS Serverless Application Specification.

AWS Lambda enables users to set up Lambda functions to respond to events like changes to data. Code also can be set up to execute in response to shifts in system state or user actions. The Google Cloud Functions compute service has been seen as a response to AWS Lambda.

There has been some clamoring for C# on AWS Lambda --the ITMeze blog, for example, griped back in January that C# was not among the supported languages.

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