How Anaplan makes dynamic strategic planning a reality

Founder and CTO Michael Gould outlines how Anaplan’s cloud-based platform pulls strategic planning out of spreadsheet hell

michael gould cto founder anaplan

Anaplan doesn’t come up in many conversations about unicorns – you know, the Ubers, Airbnbs and SnapChats of the world. But if your company is struggling with strategic planning, Anaplan is one unicorn you’ll want to learn more about. San Francisco-headquartered Anaplan’s cloud-based platform replaces spreadsheet mania as a way to handle large-scale strategic planning in real time. Companies such as HP, Intel and Morgan Stanley are streamlining sales management, forecasting and a variety of other applications using Anaplan, which simplifies life for everyone from senior managers to model builders and end users.

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Anaplan founder and CTO Michael Gould tells IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant how the platform’s in-memory calculation engine can support dynamic planning for even the biggest companies, and why being built in the cloud gives Anaplan a leg up on traditional planning apps from rivals like IBM and Oracle. Gould also discussed Anaplan’s growing app marketplace where a variety of new tools are helping customers improve planning across the company, and how this unicorn is capitalizing on all the venture investing it has earned.

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