Boost your productivity with these seven apps

End users share their recommendations for useful business applications

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When you think mobile apps, the names that come to mind are probably Facebook (including Messenger), YouTube and Google (Search, Play, Maps and Mail), all of which sit atop Nielsen's list of most popular apps.

While they garner less attention, business apps were the second most downloaded category of apps on the Apple Store, according to Statista, representing 10.2 percent of all downloads, and second only to games at 23.4 percent.

Many of these apps are aimed at remote work, collaboration and boosting productivity. Lists of "the best productivity apps" have been compiled by life hackers and self-proclaimed geeks alike; we rounded up a few more by talking with current IT practitioners and technophiles.

Popular productivity apps include anything designed for internal or external communication and collaboration.

1. An example is Slack, a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool for teams. Carrie Pendolino, vice president of marketing at Open Source Storage in Campbell, Calif., uses Slack on a daily basis for internal communication and chatting with Open Source Storage employees, as well as keeping all conversations organized in set groups.

2. She also regularly uses an app called SyncUP for external and internal chatting and conference calls, which shows up on e-mail and text. "With SyncUP, I like the fact that I can chat, send documents and hold a conference call with people outside my office," Pendolino says. "I use it with clients, agencies and contractors alike."

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