FreeBSD 11 released

Also in today's open source roundup: Microsoft release Skype for Linux 1.10, and do you remember Hannah Montana Linux?

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FreeBSD 11 released

Linux has long gotten the lion’s share of media attention when it comes to open source operating systems. But FreeBSD is also an important and useful operating system in its own right, and now version 11 has been released. You can download it from

The FreeBSD Foundation site had the official announcement of FreeBSD 11:

The FreeBSD Project, in conjunction with the FreeBSD Foundation, is pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated FreeBSD 11.0. The latest release continues to pioneer the field of copyfree-licensed, open source operating systems by including new architecture support, performance improvements, toolchain enhancements and support for contemporary wireless chipsets. The new features and improvements bring about an even more robust operating system that both companies and end users alike benefit greatly from using.

“FreeBSD 11.0 represents years of hard work by volunteers in the FreeBSD community, developers employed by companies using FreeBSD, academics, and FreeBSD Foundation staff members and grant recipients,” said Ed Maste, Director of Project Development, FreeBSD Foundation. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and am confident FreeBSD 11.0 will provide an excellent choice in the world of open source operating systems.”

The FreeBSD Project continues to expand and enhance the platforms which run FreeBSD. This versatility makes FreeBSD an excellent choice for researchers looking to work on new architectures and practitioners who need alternative platforms that best suit their needs.

Continuing FreeBSD’s commitment to working with ARM technologies, the FreeBSD/arm64 port is now available thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation’s collaboration with Cavium, ARM, Semihalf, and ABT Systems. Cavium’s ThunderX platform is the primary reference target for the FreeBSD/arm64 port.

More at FreeBSD Foundation

Skype for Linux 1.10

Microsoft has been publicly proclaiming its support for Linux for a while now, and as part of its efforts the company has just released Skype 1.10.

Paul Hill reports for Neowin:

Microsoft has pushed out constant updates for its newish Skype for Linux Alpha client that it released earlier this year. Up until now, it has mainly received bug fixes and other small, incremental, changes, but with the 1.10 build, users finally get a feature they’ve been after for a while or at least progress towards it.

…you’ll be able to make video calls but only to other users on Linux. Hopefully, it shan’t be too long until Microsoft rolls out support for calls between Linux users and users on other platforms.

More at Neowin

Do you remember Hannah Montana Linux?

There have been many Linux distributions over the years, but one of the strangest was Hannah Montana Linux. When it was first released years ago, it elicited many chuckles from Linux users who wondered why anyone would release a distribution based on Hannah Montana.

A redditor recently started a thread about Hannah Montana in the Linux subreddit, and as you might imagine it got quite a few comments.

Heebiesjeebiesferret: “When something was created perfect the first time, there is no reason to update it. You wouldn’t “update” a Michaelangelo or Picasso, would you? :P (on that note, I hope HML ends up in a museum somewhere)”

Slayerbrk: “Just do an unannounced forced update to Miley Cyrus Linux based around the video wrecking ball.”

Bjones1024: “This distro existed at least in 2009, based on searching google by date and based on the fact that the About page was modified September 29, 2009.

Furthermore, the distro has elements of the first 2 seasons, and season 3 premiered in November 2008, so it’s likely from 2008 or earlier. Examples: the desktop background shown in the screenshot is a season 2 promotional photo, and I seem to recall that the login music was a clip from the original [Season 1/2] version of Best of Both Worlds rather than the redone Season 3 version, etc. So it’s actually probably 8–9 years old.

Edit: I stand corrected. According to the homepage, it uses KDE 4.2, which was released in Beta version on 11/26/2008 (and stable versions not until 2009). So it actually was probably released between November 2008 and September 2009.”

GodspeedBlackEmperor: “No need for the correction, I don’t think anyone is going to be able to refute the Hanna Montana knowledge you’re dropping.”

Anders4000: “Logic nitpick: The fact that the assets are from season 2 does not mean the distro is from season 2. It means the distro is from a time later than the release of those assets, not prior.”

Quantummechanic: “While you’re installing this, you can brush up with the Britney Spears’ guide to semiconductor physics.

TheRealEdwardAbbey: “I don’t know what I expected, but I’m surprised that’s a legit guide… with pictures of Britney Spears. It’s like I can’t wrap my head around it, no matter how long I look at it.”

Konrad: “Everyone already upgraded to Justin Bieber Linux.”

Zachsandberg: “My business runs on time tested and stable Hannah Montana Enterprise Linux.”

Merakel: “I’m putting this on my coworkers computer tomorrow.”

More at Reddit

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