Enabling IT to move at the speed of innovation

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If you’ve ever driven through the mountains on a two-lane road, you know how frustrating it is to get caught behind a slow-moving vehicle. As you crawl along, you anxiously wait for a clear view of the passing lane ahead, and when you’re clear, you get a brief moment to accelerate past the vehicle slowing you down. If you aren’t ready or you don’t have the power you need to accelerate, you miss your opportunity, and you continue to be stuck in slow-moving traffic for who knows how long.

This scenario reminds me of the brief opportunity a business has to move ahead of its competition when a new idea presents itself. Maybe it’s an entirely different way to conduct business. Or maybe it’s an innovative new app or something as simple as an update to a customer-facing service. If the IT team can’t move fast enough, you miss the window your business has to capitalize on the new opportunity. The chance to move ahead of your competition passes you by; you’re stuck having to wait for another opportunity to present itself and hoping you have enough power to accelerate past the competition when the passing lane is clear again.

You’re challenged with a lack of resources and time to flex your infrastructure when a new opportunity comes knocking or an IT issue needs to be resolved. Spending the majority of your time managing and maintaining existing infrastructure is the number one obstacle keeping you from focusing on innovation. It puts tremendous pressure on your team and your ability to be able to adjust and keep up with the demands of your business.

What you need is an IT infrastructure that can move at the speed of innovation.

HPE OneView helps you accelerate time to value, simplifies operations, and provides you with the freedom you need to innovate and take control of your infrastructure – instead of it controlling you. Developed as an infrastructure automation engine built with software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView allows you to deploy infrastructure faster and simplify lifecycle operations across compute, storage, and fabric resources. HPE OneView increases productivity via a unified API that connects infrastructure with applications and places IT firmly on the path toward composable infrastructure.

For instance, HPE OneView connects HPE BladeSystem infrastructure to the network in a fraction of the time it would take to perform the same task manually. In fact, IT organizations using HPE OneView reduced the average time to deploy a BladeSystem enclosure of servers from 20 hours to less than 1 hour.1  On average, HPE BladeSystem and HPE OneView users deploy new services in 64% less time, through templates and software-driven processes; and, in turn, they spend an average of 40% less time just keeping the lights on in their datacenters.1

Using software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView automates your infrastructure. With the time that’s freed up from maintaining infrastructure, you can now start to redeploy your IT resources into developing new applications and differentiated services, which will provide the acceleration you need when innovative opportunities present themselves in the future. 

More information on how your IT can move at the speed of innovation can be found here: HPE OneView—your infrastructure automation engine 

1Top 5 Reasons to Move to HPE BladeSystem, Slide 7, November 2015