How businesses can use Pokemon Go to succeed

Step 1: Play the game so you'll understand the opportunities -- and potential customers

Pokemon Go has been a phenomenon since its launch earlier this month. Its popularity caused Nintendo's market cap to nearly double and the game seems could send as much as $3 billion into Apple's coffers. Pokemon Go requires players to get out into the real world; that's the only way to catch Pokemon, get needed supplies at designated PokeSpots and train or battle in places known as Gyms.

The location-based, augmented reality nature of the game is having a significant impact on its players, real world communities, and a range of venues. The game has already been credited with helping kids (and adults) be more active. Some people suffering from depression or anxiety have praised the game for helping to alleviate their symptoms. Others are discovering new parts of their cities or towns. And that raises an important question: can businesses, particularly small businesses, leverage Pokemon Go to attract, engage and retain new customers?

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