NodeSource, Kubernetes team up for better app deployment, security

The NSolid server-side JavaScript platform is now preconfigured to deploy apps with the Kubernetes container management system

NodeSource, Kubernetes team up for better app deployment, security

NodeSource is preconfiguring its NSolid enterprise-level Node.js technology to work with the Kubernetes container management system for better security and easier deployment of applications on the server-side JavaScript platform.

Now in beta, the NSolid-Kubernetes combination accommodates on-premise and cloud deployments of NSolid. It features the NSolid monitoring interface and Docker images for running Node.js applications in a Docker container using the NSolid runtime. NSolid is positioned as a drop-in replacement for the long-term support version of Node.js.

Version 1.4 of NSolid is supported in the Kubernetes configuration. Through this combination, users can deploy and scale applications, undertake real-time performance debugging and monitoring, and continually monitor security.

"All of the NSolid components are Docker-ized, and they are running inside of a Kubernetes cluster," said Ross Kukulinski, technical product manager at NodeSource. The benefits include scaling of microservices, scanning of package security vulnerabilities, automated rollouts, service discovery, load-balancing and application scaling.

The preconfigured NSolid-Kubernetes combination means users no longer have to set up these deployments on their own. "Previously, customers could have figured out how to do all of this by themselves, but we've made it easy for them by doing it ahead of time," Kukulinski said.

There is no set date for the general release of the configuration, which is being open-sourced.

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