Constructing a solid backup plan with Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup makes quick work of big backups for a pint-size price

Backup and recovery: Ah, IT's very own sewer service. You manage huge libraries of tapes, babysit backup reports, and test recoveries both weekly and at random. And yet, with all of that, do you ever feel confident in your organization's backup scheme? Are you ever totally satisfied with how backups are performed?

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Well, the cloud has come to the rescue again with a surprisingly good solution, at least for shops that use a lot of Windows, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. It's the Microsoft Azure Backup Service.

But I won't bury the lede: The Azure Backup Service is a fast, efficient and very cost-effective way to bring an additional layer of disaster recovery protection to your organization. It brings the best of the cloud -- when you as the IT person can simply say, "Handle this for me and don't bother me with the details of storage, blobs, geographical redundancy, ordering new tapes, running out of quota, and anything else" -- without it costing an arm and a leg or giving up some required level of functionality.

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