Essential Azure automation tricks for Windows admins

Tap the power of PowerShell and Azure Automation to automate your troubles away

Essential Azure automation tricks for Windows admins
geralt via Pixabay; Ricardo A. Clarke via Wikimedia

Any organization making use of the cloud will want to leverage the power of infrastructure automation. This holds true whether you’re tapping Amazon Web Serices, Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud service. Automating repetitively executed tasks will save considerable labor and reduce human error.

Organizations already on Azure know that Microsoft’s cloud service allows you to forget about much of the underlying infrastructure. But it's up to you, as an Azure admin, to take what Azure offers and tailor it to your needs. Here, automation techniques are key.

There are two high-level ways to implement infrastructure automation techniques in Azure: by using Azure's "automation in the cloud" service called Azure Automation or by using the scripting language of your choice to control various Azure services. For many Microsoft admins, this means Windows PowerShell, so while automation techniques can be applied using any number of scripting languages, here we'll focus on PowerShell.

To help get you familiar with Automation in Azure, we'll highlight three common admin tasks to which you might not have yet considered applying automation techniques:

  • Provision Windows virtual machines
  • Remove virtual machines (and associated resources)
  • Create Azure Dev-Test Labs

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