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Review: ClustrixDB scales out — way out

Clustered relational database outperforms Amazon Aurora for low-latency, high-transaction-rate scenarios

Review: ClustrixDB scales out -- way out
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  • ClustrixDB 7.5

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As I was working on my review of DeepSQL I received an inquiry from another company claiming to have a scale-out relational database that can handle large-scale (“Cyber Monday shopping traffic”), write-heavy loads, while maintaining ACID compliance and scaling linearly with little to no latency. In other words, this company, Clustrix, had another database more scalable than Amazon Aurora for some scenarios.

My response: “There seems to be a lot of that going around.” I must be getting cynical in my old age. Nevertheless, ClustrixDB turned out to be real, a MySQL-compatible transactional database that can be scaled out “hot” -- that is, without database downtime. ClustrixDB and DeepSQL take different approaches, but both can outperform Aurora for some use cases -- for example, ClustrixDB for e-commerce, and DeepSQL for bioinformatics.

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