Stephen Colbert takes net neutrality for a whirl

If you're going to learn about net neutrality, you may as well do so on a roller coaster

Net neutrality: It's an extremely important issue. There's a lot at stake, and it has massive ramifications for businesses, consumers, privacy, and the future of the internet. But man, is it a boring topic to discuss.

Fortunately, Stephen Colbert figured out how to make it exciting: Talk about it while riding a roller coaster!

The above video shows Colbert taking a spin on Six Flags' Nitro roller coaster with Columbia University law professor Tim Wu, who coined the phrase "net neutrality" and whose name is pronounced "Wooooooooo!" when riding a roller coaster. Wu gives a basic rundown of net neutrality, including the meaning of some terms (one could hardly pick a better locale for defining "speed throttling") and why everybody should be concerned. And it is thrilling!

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