What digital transformation really means

The periodically hot term is hot again, but most people don't understand where its real power lies

What digital transformation really means

Digital transformation, aka DX, is hot -- and if you're not doing it, your company will die and you will lose your CIO or IT leadership job. You'll -- shudder -- be disrupted! Or fail the wrong side of the Innovator's Dilemma. That's the message over the last few months from consultants, pundits, and of course vendors.

But wait -- wasn't digital transformation hot in the late 1990s and again in the mid-2000s? Indeed it was. It's hot again, mainly for the wrong reasons. That is, vendors want you to buy stuff because IT has been cutting back.

There is a very good reason to invest in digital transformation. But it's not the digital transformation you're usually sold.


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