15 signs you’re doing agile wrong

Misconceptions and ‘best practices’ may have your team spinning wheels rather than continuously churning out productive code

It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon and end up in a ditch. Nowhere is this maxim more evident than in agile development. Plenty of organizations jump into agile in pursuit of its advantages—ease of embracing change, decreased cycle times, evolutionary architecture, and so on—only to find their best agile practitioners leaving the company, and the uneasy remainder unable to fix a development process gone wrong.

The problem with most approaches to agile is not a problem with agile; it’s a problem with Agile, the Capitalized Methodology. Agile isn’t a methodology. Treating it as one confuses process with philosophy and culture, and that’s a one-way ticket back into waterfall—or worse.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to recognize the signs of an agile approach gone wrong and to take steps to restore harmony. Here we examine 15 signs you’re doing agile wrong. Even one of these can seriously derail your software development efforts.

Doing agile vs. being agile

Agile begins with attitude. If your company emphasizes doing agile rather than being agile, you’re on the wrong foot right from the start. Agile is a paradigm, a mental shift in how you approach software development. The specific techniques and ceremonies come later, and they’re the least important part. The point is to be agile; embrace and employ the philosophy outlined in the Agile Manifesto, and you will “do” agile automatically.

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