Coming soon to PowerShell: Docker controls, courtesy of Microsoft

Though still in early alpha, Microsoft's project to add native Docker commands to PowerShell is available for testing

Coming soon to PowerShell: Docker controls, courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft is hard at work making Docker a first-class citizen on Windows. It has already integrated Docker more closely with Windows' internals and made Docker's CLI run well. Now, the company is providing a first, early peek at a PowerShell module for the Docker Engine on Windows.

The project follows guidelines laid down by the Docker Remote API and uses the Docker Engine REST interface to execute commands. In other words, there's no magic or unorthodox extension of Docker; it interfaces with the Docker Engine in precisely the same manner as the native client.

To that end, the project can run either as a complement to or a replacement for the existing Docker client. Microsoft ported the client to Windows using Docker's source code, so its functionally identical to that of its Linux counterpart. The PowerShell client, then, will appeal to existing PowerShell pros who want to control Docker instance with as little disruption as possible to their PowerShell-centric workflow.

Like the conventional Docker CLI, the PowerShell Docker module controls both local and remote instances of Docker. The requirements for the PowerShell module state it will "[follow] appropriate authentication and security mechanisms (i.e. TLS)," so in theory, it won't be any less secure or less compatible.

The project is available under the MIT license, so it can be freely reworked or even incorporated into commercial projects.