Micro text editor joins the Google Go parade

New terminal editor requires users have Go, is very much in beta

Micro text editor joins the Google Go parade
sal (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA)

Google's Go language, already used in the Docker container platform and the InfluxDB distributed time series database, is now at the core of a terminal-based text editor currently in development.

The Micro editor is meant to be intuitive while using the full capabilities of modern terminals, according to the project's documentation on GitHub, posted by developer Zachary Yedidia. Because Micro is written in Go, users must have Go installed on their computer to build it.

Go is gaining traction as an open source language for increasing developer productivity. It features concurrency mechanisms and garbage collection, and it supports modular program construction while quickly compiling to machine code. The current release, Go 1.6, debuted in February.

Micro features syntax highlighting in more than 75 languages, common keybindings like ctrl-s and ctrl-c, mouse support, Unicode capabilities, and color support. The to-do list includes documentation, multiple views, custom bindings, auto indent, tabs to spaces, and optimization.

Micro has binaries for Mac OS X, 32- and 64-bit Linux, and ARM Linux. The tool offers a configuration directory, but the documentation concedes there isn't much to configure at this point. Yedidia is inviting users to find any bugs and is accepting pull requests.

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