Windows 10 vs. OS X: Which gives sys admins more control?

Microsoft is adopting Apple's approach to PC management, while also keeping the familiar Configuration Manager

Now, nearly everything can be managed as if it were a mobile device, using APIs at the operating system for assured reach and consistent implementation of company policies across all devices.

Since 2010's iOS 4.2, IT admins have been able to manage iPhones and iPads this way, which opened the door to dozens of mobile device management (MDM) tools. Android did the same, though to a lesser extent in 2010, with Android Froyo 2.2. Then the Mac joined the API-based management party as of 2011's OS X Lion. Now it's Microsoft's turn, as of Windows 10.

This means you can manage Windows 10 PCs via APIs rather than through separately installed client apps, likely via the same mobile management tool you now use to manage iOS devices, Android devices, and Macs.

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