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In today's open source roundup: Why you should consider using FLAC for audio. Plus: New encryption ransomware targets Linux. And 10 GUI tools for Linux sysadmins

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New encryption ransomware affects Linux systems

Ransomware has been in the news quite a lot lately, and now there's a new one that targets Linux systems. Linux.Encoder.1 encrypts the contents of Linux servers and demands a Bitcoin as its ransom.

Sean Gallagher reports for Ars Technica:

The antivirus software company Doctor Web has issued an alert about a new form of crypto-ransomware that targets users of Linux-based operating systems. Designated as "Linux.Encoder.1" by the company, the malware largely targets Web servers, encrypting their contents and demanding a ransom of one Bitcoin (currently about $500).

Many of the systems that have been affected by the malware were infected when attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Magento CMS. A critical vulnerability patch for Magneto, which is used to power a number of e-commerce sites, was published on October 31. Doctor Web researchers currently place the number of victims in the "at least tens" range, but attacks on other vulnerable content management systems could increase the number of victims dramatically.

In order to run, the malware has to be executed with administrator-level privileges. Using 128-bit AES crypto, the malware encrypts the contents of all users' home directories and any files associated with websites running on the systems. It then goes through the whole directory structure of mounted volumes, encrypting a variety of file types. In each directory it encrypts, it drops a text file called README_FOR_DECRYPT.txt. This demands payment and provides a link to a Tor "hidden service" site via a Tor gateway.

More at Ars Technica

10 GUI tools for Linux sysadmins

System administrators are always in demand for Linux. But even the most command-line savvy Linux sysadmin can find some GUI tools that come in handy at times. TechWorm has a helpful roundup of 10 GUI tools for Linux sysadmins.

Kavita Iyer reports for TechWorm:

Linux has become a know how, if you are a system administrator working in a larger environment. Security teams have been deployed by large organizations to keep an eye on vulnerabilities in their systems and take corrective or preventive action as suitable.

In the recent times, many organizations have migrated from Windows, where everything is regulated with a point-and-click GUI. Thankfully, Linux has plenty of GUI tools that can help you keep away from the command line. Linux-based security tools and distributions can be used for penetration testing, reverse engineering, forensics and so on.

Here’s a look at some of the good 10 GUI tools that can make your Linux sysadmin tasks simpler.

More at TechWorm

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