Xiaomi prepares to sell Linux laptops

In today's open source roundup: Xiaomi will release two Linux laptops. Plus: A review of the Dell Chromebook 13. And a video preview of Unity 8 in Ubuntu 16.04

Xiaomi prepares to sell Linux laptops

Xiaomi is best known for selling iPhone clones in the Chinese market. But now the company is getting ready to sell two models of Linux laptops.

Andrew Orlowski reports for The Register:

Pumped up by a (claimed) $1bn in profit in 2015, Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi will start selling Linux laptops early next year, according to a report. DigiTimes suggests that two models will be built by contract manufacturers, Inventec and Compal, and feature 12.5 inch and 13.3 inch displays.

According to the trade paper, Xiaomi has been tapping up Lenovo executives "aggressively" to manage the new laptop venture.

There's no indication that Xiaomi will impact Western buyers, but as we've seen with phones, the volumes generated in the highly competitive Chinese market can have a dramatic impact.

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The Verge reviews the Dell Chromebook 13

Chromebooks have been burning up the sales charts on Amazon for a while now, and one of the latest models is the Dell Chromebook 13. The Verge did a full review of the Chromebook 13 and found it to be nearly perfect.

Chris Welch reports for The Verge:

Google’s Chromebook Pixel is the ultimate Chromebook. It’s easily the most powerful, capable, and beautiful Chromebook. But at $999, it’s also an impractical product. Even if you’ve got the cash to burn, spending so much on a laptop that lives and dies by the web browser is a hard sell. I’ve got great news, though: other Chromebook makers are starting to approach the Pixel’s premium feel, and they’re doing it for way less money.

Dell’s Chromebook 13, which starts at $429, is the best example of this yet. Its fit and finish are what you’d expect from a laptop costing hundreds more, performance is great, and it’s got a battery that goes and goes. I’m convinced that this is the new standard by which other Chromebooks will be judged. Thanks for leading us here, Google, but the Pixel is starting to feel pretty unnecessary.

With the Chromebook 13, Dell has managed to produce a stunner of a Chromebook, and unlike Google, it’s done that while sticking to sane, attainable pricing. It ranks best in class on nearly every front, even compared to favorites from Toshiba, Asus, Acer, and Samsung.

Truthfully, you can spend less money and get a capable Chromebook from those companies. And yes, the $1,000 Chromebook Pixel technically bests the Dell. But with everything that’s here — the top-notch build, a wonderful keyboard / trackpad combo, and marathon battery life — it’s worth saving up the extra couple hundred bucks and getting the Chromebook 13 over its lower-cost competitors.

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A video preview of Unity 8 in Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 15.10 was released recently, but Canonical is already moving forward with the development of Ubuntu 16.04. I found an interesting YouTube video that offers a preview of Unity 8 in Ubuntu 16.04. Check it out below.

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