The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins

Forgo the GUI in favor of the console and free yourself of the drudgery of administering Exchange

The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins
skeeze via Pixabay

Managing Exchange can be a significant time sink, and you may be surprised to find that much of the time spent administering Exchange is pure waste -- unless, that is, you’re already tapping PowerShell.

“Waste?!?” you may be thinking. “I don’t waste any time managing Exchange!” But if you’re diligently attached to the Exchange Admin Center building mailboxes, changing routing groups, restoring email, and so on, you’re spending far too much time clicking around in a GUI. Repetitive tasks are the bread and butter of the PowerShell console. If you aren’t already deeply versed in PowerShell, this hands-on tutorial will convert you.

Windows PowerShell has its roots in Exchange Server. Way back in Exchange Server 2007, the Microsoft Exchange team decided to take a gamble on this new scripting language, and PowerShell has since expanded its reach to nearly every facet of IT. If you’re an Exchange administrator, you’ve probably used PowerShell some. Here, we delve a little deeper, going over a few examples of what you can do in PowerShell with Exchange that will cut down the time you spend on administrative drudgery.

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