9 developer trends you can bank on in 2016

From containers to NoSQL to Spark, here are the IT trends you can expect to persist next year

My predictions are a little early this year, but don't worry, they're of the same sterling quality you've come to expect. Most apply to big data, but I've stepped outside the confines of my usual domain here and there for your entertainment. Enjoy.

Developer trend No. 1: Containers will rule the world

Docker will continue to develop, gain security features, and add various forms of governance so that you are unable to pull down a tree of containers that depend on pnwd.com. Emulating an entire machine on top of a machine was fundamentally a wasteful idea. Solaris zones were a good idea; Solaris zones on Linux with a packaging format are an even better idea. Add dependencies, and you're on fire.

Developer trend No. 2: Java’s decline as a language will accelerate

Whenever I mention that Java is in decline, someone throws job trends in my face. Well, try the other button and look at the jobs. Yes, there are more of them ... doing maintenance.

Now look at the Node.js or Spark or MongoDB job postings. Those are about doing new development. Which pays better? Which doesn’t put you in a cube farm of low-cost labor?

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