Is Arch Linux more trouble than it's worth?

In today's open source roundup: An Arch Linux user wonders if it's worth the bother to run it. Plus: Ubuntu 15.10 will ship with GNOME's overlay scroll bars. And Ubuntu phones will be able to run Linux apps

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Ubuntu 15.10 will ship with GNOME's overlay scroll bars

The eyes of many Linux users are on the upcoming release of Ubuntu 15.10, and it will apparently now ship with GNOME's overlay scrollbars by default.

Andrew reports for WebUpd8:

With Ubuntu 15.10 (currently in development, to be released on October 22), Unity will stop using its original overlay scrollbars for GTK3 apps and switch to Gnome's scrollbars instead.

This change affects GTK3 applications only and currently, the original Unity overlay scrollbars are still used for GTK2 applications (there's no info if this will change until the final release).

More at Webupd8

Ubuntu phones will be able to run Linux apps

Speaking of Ubuntu, Softpedia has an interesting report about Linux apps running on Ubuntu phones via XMir.

Marius Nestor reports for Softpedia:

We have some hot news from the Ubuntu land, as Canonical's Michael Hall has just teased us with a photo from his Nexus 4 smartphone running the latest development version of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

In the respective image attached to the right side of the article, you can see applications like the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the GIMP image editor running on top of the Ubuntu Touch's Unity 8 interface.

...looking at the image we could only assume that the Ubuntu Touch developers are working on implementing the possibility to install and run various applications from the Ubuntu Linux software repositories on any Ubuntu Phone devices.

More at Softpedia

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