Rogue Wave buys PHP technology leader Zend

The acquisition is expected to help accelerate Zend's push into large enterprises

Zend Technologies, a leading proponent of the PHP server-side Web development language, has been acquired by development tools vendor Rogue Wave Software, Zend CEO Andi Gutmans said in a blog today.

The acquisition is expected to help accelerate the reach of Zend's technologies in large enterprises, Gutmans said in a LinkedIn post. "With this acquisition Rogue Wave broadens its reach into the huge PHP space powering over 50 percent of the Web."

Gutmans will be joining Rogue Wave leadership and will continue to be involved in setting the Zend agenda, he said in an email. He would not reveal terms of the acquisition, which has already been completed.

Zend has offered products including the Zend Server PHP application server, the Zend Studio PHP IDE, and Zend Guard, which prevents reverse-engineering of PHP applications. Gutmans has been prominent in the ongoing development of PHP, which will have a version 7 release later this year that is expected to dramatically improve performance. Version 7 is powered by Zend Engine, an optimization engine for the language.

In a prepared statement, Rogue Wave CEO Brian Pierce said the acquisition expands his company's reach into the PHP realm. "With the addition of Zend, we now have products that speed C, C++, C#, Java, and PHP development, reflecting how software is created today across languages, platforms, and teams."

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