Grails gets cozy with AngularJS for better JavaScript

Grails features improved REST capabilities, while Groovy gets compiler boosts

The Grails Web application framework will be paired with the AngularJS JavaScript framework to help developers build SPAs (single-page applications).

Version 3.1 of Grails, due by the end of this year, will feature an AngularJS profile with targeted plug-ins and code generation capabilities for rapidly building SPAs, said Graeme Rocher, who leads the design and development of Grails.

"With front ends typically being created using native clients or JavaScript, single-page frameworks such as AngularJS have become popular," Rocher said in an email. "Many Grails developers are looking to SPA frameworks to increase their productivity for client-side development of JavaScript applications."

The builders of Grails anticipate developing profiles for frameworks like, including React and Ember via plug-ins following the 3.1 release, which will support extensible profiles. "What this means is that developers will be able to create application templates and code generation facilities specific to their organization or framework of choice," said Rocher.

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