Toshiba announces refreshed Chromebook 2

In today's open source roundup: Toshiba releases details about a refreshed Chromebook 2. Plus: A review of the 2nd generation Moto 360 smartwatch. And did Apple ripoff Ubuntu?

Toshiba refreshes the Chromebook 2

Chromebooks have been selling like hotcakes on Amazon, with many models getting very high ratings by users. Now Toshiba has announced a refresh of its popular Chromebook 2 laptop. The new version will offer a 1080P IPS display and Intel i3 processor.

Rich Edmonds reports for Android Central:

Toshiba today announced the newly refreshed Chromebook 2 with 5th generation Intel i3 processor support. The new laptop not only comes with a new backlit keyboard for those late night blogging sessions, but also Skullcandy-tuned speakers, a 1080p IPS display and more, making it quite the workhouse.

The new Toshiba Chromebook 2 will be available for purchase in October 2015 at participating retailers, as well as Toshiba's US website, for $329.99 for the model with an Intel Celeron processor, or $429.99 for the Intel Core i3 variant.

More at Android Central

The news about the refreshed Chromebook 2 spawned a large discussion thread on the Chrome OS subreddit:

Jarec707: ”This is a very promising description! If they've upped the build quality a bit it could indeed be the dream Chromebook. I wonder how it will compare to the new Dells.”

RatedG: ”Why's it not called Toshiba Chromebook 3?”

Thuper: ”No USB-C charging? I'll just keep waiting. (What is taking so long!?)”

Abattleofone: ”Well, here's the dream Chromebook everyone has wanted. Mine from last year is chugging along just fine though.”

Nighserenity: ”Basically this is exactly the same Chromebook except they expanded the lineup with broadwell processor options. If you want fanless you can get the older model. You will not be missing anything from the refresh other than backlit keyboard. ”

Pockets69: ”This is awesome!!! The missing piece of the puzzle was added, now this computer makes sense, and can actually be up there with the power houses, an i3 or a celeron (imagine it's a real celeron not those bay trail) ill probably buy it, extremely happy :) this could be the dream chromeboook, aesthetically pleasing, awesome screen, powerful enough and on a good price tag. ”

DeadSkyy: ”So what will be the noticeable differences between this and the current CB2 Full HD? Obviously the keyboard will be lit up, how does the processor affect my day to day? ”

Pandachest: ”I think better processor means faster speeds and less battery consumption. ”

DavidA: ”The stronger processor, especially the i3, is going to drain more power than what was really a mobile processor in the old TCB2. I'd expect the Celeron to have about the same power drain.”

Major: ”Just when I thought I didn't need any more electronics this year. Not sure if the backlit keyboard is enough. I haven't really had any performance issues on my CB2.”

More at Reddit

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