Why is open source software more secure?

In today's open source roundup: A redditor wants to know why open source software is more secure. Plus: Mozilla releases Firefox 41. And Fedora 23 beta released

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Firefox 41 released

The Firefox developers at Mozilla have been cranking away on the next version of the popular browser, and now it's here. Firefox 41 is available and comes with the option to create a profile picture, as well as memory fixes for Adblock Plus.

Silviu Stahie reports for Softpedia:

According to the changelog, users should now be able to set a profile picture for the Firefox Account, Firefox Hello comes with support for instant messaging, SVG images can be used as favicons, type 2 add-ons that were not signed by Mozilla will be disabled by default, memory overhead of AdBlock Plus has been reduced, the image decoding process has been refined, and the viewport can no longer be modified by picture elements. A number of other developer and HTML5 changes have been added as well.

Firefox had problems with memory management for a long time, and many users recognized this as one of the biggest issues with the browser from Mozilla. The fact that devs are finally taking some steps to correct this problem is a good sign for the future of this application.

More at Softpedia

Fedora 23 beta released

The Fedora developers have also been hard at work on their next release, and the beta version of Fedora 23 is now available.

Fedora Magazine has details about the Fedora 23 beta:

...GNOME is getting an upgrade, with Fedora 23 containing a preview of the upcoming GNOME 3.18 release, which is easier to use than ever. There are also many enhancements on the way, such as:

Improvements to next-generation graphics stack Wayland, preparing it to be the default graphical server in a future release. This includes mixed HiDPI support, to provide a better experience when moving apps between HiDPI and non-HiDPI monitors

Support for ambient backlight drivers, so brightness responds to the environment on laptops with the required hardware

The Software application is smarter about metered Internet connections, and can now update system firmware

More at Fedora Magazine

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